Silverdin Cream 40g

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Silverdin Cream 10 mg Gumus Sulfadiazine

Description & Details


  • Effective in wounds, sunburns, normal burns, and more severe burns
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Works very well, especially in burns and wounds, and creates visible improvement
  • Heals more severe burns and wounds and covers seriously burned and injured areas
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Silverdin Cream 10 mg Silver Sulfadiazine 40g Wound Burn Treatment Description

What is Silverdin Cream?

Silverdin Cream, which is known as a wound and burn cream among the people, is highly preferred because it acts in a very short time. Silverdin Cream, which takes pain and redness immediately when applied on burns, prevents bacteria from increasing on the skin surface thanks to the silver sulfadiazine it contains.

It also provides a visible improvement in burns. This cream, which is sold only in pharmacies, is sold in tubes of 40 grams. The active ingredient of Silverdin Cream is silver sulfadiazine. Each gram contains 10 mg of silver sulfadiazine.

You may be exposed to minor accidents in your daily life, at home or at work. Silverdin Cream is a medical medicine that should be at hand, especially in accidents such as burning our skin by accidentally touching a hot pot or pan, splashing hot oil, cutting our hands with a knife.

Sunburns occur in people who stay under the sun for hours in the summer to get a tan. These sunburns occur mostly on our back and arms, and rarely on the face and neck area. This is a very painful and painful condition. Silverdin Cream is the cream that people use most in such cases. Especially sunburns should be treated before they become infected. Also, sunburns cause a lot of pain to people. Silverdin Cream both prevents the formation of infection and relieves pain and gives a feeling of relief because it acts immediately.

Silverdin, the miracle cream that prevents scars when applied immediately in first and second degree burns.

Silverdin Cream should be stored at room temperature below 25 degrees. In addition, before using the cream, the expiry date written on it should be checked, if the expiration date has passed, the drug should not be used and should be destroyed immediately. In addition, Silverdin Cream should be kept out of the reach of children.

How to Use Silverdin Cream?

If you are allergic to the substances in Silverdin Cream, you should definitely not use it.

The use of Silverdin Cream is limited to 20 days. Consult your doctor or health institutions to use more than 20 days.

If prescribed by a doctor, it should be used as directed by the doctor.

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the area where Silverdin Cream will be applied is clean. If it is not clean, the area must be cleaned and dried.

Silverdin Cream should be applied to the area to be applied in a thin layer and covered with a bandage.

It provides immediate healing and crusting of wounds.

Silverdin Cream should be applied as 1 dose per day. Do not use other than the dose specified by your doctor. Overdose has serious consequences.

To get the best results from Silverdin Cream, you should use the cream regularly and in sufficient quantity.

The area where the cream is applied should not be washed for 1-1.5 hours.

It can be applied to the face area, but should not be applied to the eyes and surrounding areas. If the cream accidentally gets into your eyes, you should wash it with plenty of water.

During the use of Silverdin Cream, you should stay away from UV rays such as sun lamps and solarium.

Silverdin Side Effects

Although rare, side effects such as skin flaking or discoloration, itching, eczema, rash, warming or irritation in the applied area, nausea and vomiting, skin necrosis (formation of fluid-filled blisters on the skin), loss of appetite, and difficulty in breathing are rare. If you experience any of these situations, you should go to the nearest health institution.

Those who have liver and kidney failure, respiratory failure, glucose and phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency should consult their doctor before using Silverdin Cream.

Use of Silverdin Cream can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so you need to be careful. Because this sensitivity can cause spots and sunburns.


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