Magnis Cream 1% 30g

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Magnis Cream 1% Treatment for Acne-Prone Skin Pus-filled bumps


  • Cures acne (pimples) problem
  • Dries up and completely treats inflamed acne
  • Heals infections on the skin
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria called acne vulgaris
  • Used for the treatment of acne in the nape, genital area

Magnis cream cleans inflamed pimples deeply. You can also use Magnis cream, which allows it to pass in a short time, by talking to your specialist.

You should apply it to the acne-prone area twice a day, in the morning and at night, before going to sleep.

Active ingredient nadifloxacin Magnis cream is a drug recommended by specialist doctors to pass acne from adolescence until adulthood. It is a useful antibiotic in inflammatory skin disorders (pimples) that prevents the formation of new acne by preventing the actors from developing and multiplying on the skin. To eliminate pus-filled (purulent) blisters and pink-red blisters, as a result of the effectiveness of bacteria in areas of facial forehead, on the forehead or near the neck, in places where there is dirt and fat in the beard and mustache area, genital area, back, etc. You can use Magnis cream. Before using this cream, which is sold only in a pharmacy, you should consult your specialist. If you are allergic to the active ingredient of the drug, you may encounter unexpected results. However, you should not use it on cut, dry, cracked, irritated or eczematous skin or skin with wind and sunburn. Yellow spots may appear on the area where you apply the cream. You can easily remove these stains with soapy water.

Usage Areas of Magnis
It is used in areas where bacterial activity is high, such as on the forehead-face, hair follicles near the forehead or neck, back, genital area and mustache and beard area in men.
The function of Magnis cream is to remove pus-filled bumps, pink-red

  • Completely cures acne (pimples) problem.
  • Dries up and completely treats inflamed acne.
  • Heals infections on the skin.
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria called acne vulgaris.
  • Used for the treatment of acne in the nape, genital area.
  • Dries the inflammations in and around the hair root.
  • Helps to reduce blemishes on the skin.
  • Helps to remove blackheads.

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