TRAVAZOL Cream 15g 12 PACK


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TRAVAZOL Cream 15g 12 PACK

TRAVAZOL is used for the initial or intermediate treatment of superficial fungal infections of the skin, which accompany severe inflammation or eczema (for example, on the hands, between the fingers, groin and genital areas).

The packaging size of TRAVAZOL is 15 g and 1 g TRAVAZOL contains 10 mg isoconazole nitrate and 1 mg diflucortolone valerate active ingredients.

Isoconazole nitrate; It is used for the treatment of superficial fungal diseases of the skin. It is effective against many microbes; It is also effective against dermatophytes, yeasts, yeast-like fungi (including organisms that cause Pitriyasis versicolor), molds, as well as organisms that cause Erythrasma, a markedly infectious skin disease with red, brown spots.

Diflucortolone valerate; It prevents inflammation in the inflammatory and allergic conditions of the skin and resolves complaints such as itching, burning and pain.





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All Skin Types



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United States


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