Bepanthol Body Lotion F Dry Skin 200ml


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Bepanthol Body Lotion F Dry Skin 200ml

Skin compatibility and effect have been dermatologically tested and approved.

Your skin becomes sensitive to sun rays, wind and frequent contact with water. Bepanthol® Intensive Body Lotion protects your skin’s barrier and helps keep it supple and moist. This protective layer plays an important role especially in cases where your skin is exposed to unfamiliar effects such as sun, wind. Bepanthol® Intensive Body Lotion quickly relaxes your skin. Your skin is refreshed and after a short while, it gets a smooth and well-groomed appearance.

Bepanthol® Intensive Body Lotion, developed for dry skin, meets the needs of your skin as well as its refreshing effect. The provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) contained in the lotion penetrates deep into your skin, moisturizes it and helps keep your skin supple and moist by maintaining its barrier.

It nourishes your skin with its more intense consistency.



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Scrub & Bodys Treatment

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